I’m Hannah.

When I was a child, I wrote poems in a pink notebook and stories in a green one. I collected lists of words and read as many books as I could find. For a long time, my favourite word was ‘soporific’, which I gleaned from Peter Rabbit (lettuces have a sleep-inducing effect). 

My greatest treasure trove of words and stories has always been the Bible. One of my pink-book poems is about Jesus, riffing simply off astonishing language from Revelation, as only a 7- or 8-year-old could:

‘He is better than nice’ is my favourite line, retrospectively.

My theology has deepened since I wrote that poem – but it remains true that words, stories, and theology, both lived and written, are the things that get me up in the morning. They led me to become a writer (God’s Daughters and Rooted in God’s Grace), to study Theology, to work for this year (and probably for longer) in church  – and to keep this little space on the Internet. Here you’ll find all sorts of reflections: archived are a range of posts which have arisen from my small everyday thoughts and experiences through University. 

For this year (Nov 2019 ’til Oct 2020), the writing I post here will be more narrowly defined than my student-years reflections. There’ll be three types of post, added as regularly as possible: notes from theology; everyday tales; and sermon notes.